Burnout - Depression ,a Documentary by Director Tino Wohlwend

Elefant Studios Credits:
Production - Elefant Studios
Producer - Pica Cubello
Art Direction&Supervisor - Patrick Graf
Motion Design - Elgee David Wee

check out the website: burnout-depression.li

eAd - Skolot 2012 - Weitere Animationen für die Screens am Bahnhof

Client - eAd
Production - Elefant Studios
Producer - Marco Fischer
Director - Patrick Graf
Art Direction - Patrick Graf
Modeling - Moritz Engi
Animation - Patrick Graf, Moritz Engi
Shading/Lighting - Vladimir Jankijevic, Daniel Guimard
Rigging - Yukio Satoh
Compositing - Stephan Schweizer, Silvio Alberti


"hi" - Painting on cork.

Yesterday I found a few old acrylic paints in the basement. Well, and so it came to this picture. My daughter loved the guy given the name "Kullu".